Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hunger Deaths of children of weavers in Bazardiha, Varanasi

Published on May 22, 2013

Thanks to Parul Sharma and 200 Swedish donors for first support of ten thousand to Family through Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi,( Founder and managing trustee of PVCHR. 

"Some people are spreading misleading information that the children died of diarrhea but that is not true. These children died of hunger and malnutrition," said Shruti.

Shruti, head of a human rights organisation, working among weavers in Varanasi says that Naazra had an Above Poverty Line (APL) card. However, soon after the death of her two children, the district administration lost no time to issue her a BPL card. The Weaver Card will enable her to avail the benefits of welfare schemes.
Questioning the 'benevolence' of the district administration, Shruti said, "If the family was not under extreme poverty and malnutrition, why have they been given a BPL card, Weaver Card and food grains? How can the district administration claim that the two children died of the disease when the post mortem of the bodies was not conducted?"

She maintained that the Naazra family suffered from extreme poverty and malnutrition. Whatever little Naazra earned as a saree weaver, went in purchasing foodgrains. The family was dependent on doles from neighbours, but the financial condition of neighbours was also not good.

उत्तर प्रदेश के बनारस में नजरा खातून के दो बच्चे भूख से मर गए। आखिर कब तक भूख से देश में मौत होती रहेगी... इसी पर बड़ी खबर में चर्चा... Thanks Shruti for great intervention. Keep fight against hunger and malnutrition

While one member of the family, Nazia Parveen had high fever at that time but they did not consider it important to give medicine to get relief. When the regional officer was contacted on phone by a member of PVCHR in this regard, he replied that while coming from CMO's office, he would deliver the medicines. After 2 pm in the afternoon, the social activists of PVCHR took Nazia to a private hospital nearby for the treatment where on the advice of the doctor, X-Ray and blood tests of Nazia were done. Nazia had been complaining of high fever and cough. On the basis of doctor's prescription Nazia was given paracetamol, anti-biotic and energy related medicines.